mardi 26 février 2019
vendredi 01 mars 2019
semaine externe #2
semestre 2
salle 210
15 participants
Regina Silveira. Brazil today, 1977. Serigraphy on post cards

dans le cadre de la résidence d'artistes à La Box

Ce workshop se déroulera en anglais et en français

In response to repressive conditions the artists find a way to express their messages in a clever, yet subtle manner. Nowadays in all over the world, there are new versions of political dictatorship that reminds us those ones which ruled the world during the time known as “the years of lead” (from 60s trought 80s). In this sense, its seems even more necessary to have a look at the historical conceptual art. 

At this workshop we are going to have a balance between practical exercises to launch new eyes into participant’s visual researches, and also have contact with the production of various Brazilian conceptual artists mostly unknown in French context.

Debora Bolsoni is master in Visual Poetics at the School of Communications and Arts – USP (2014). She teaches at art post-graduation courses of FAAP in São Paulo since 2018 and at the moment she is in residency at Cité Internationale des Arts preparing a solo show for the gallery Bendana-Piñel (Paris).

Appel à candidature 2020-2021
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Appel à candidature 2020-2021
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