Neal Beggs

Originally from Northern Ireland, Neal Beggs studied Art at Sheffield (BA) and Glasgow (MFA) before moving to France in 2001. He now lives near Nantes (France).
His work spans many different media and forms including sculpture, painting, video, walking, sound, text, etc, and rather than 'being about something', he prefers to think of his work as being the 'result of something'; a product of the culture and times in which we live.

In 2012 Neal Beggs received the Brussels Art Fair Prize for Sculpture. He exhibits regularly within France and Europe and is represented by the Brussels gallery Aliceday. His work is located in several public and private collections.
In addition to his personal practice Neal Beggs is also a founding member of the international art collaboration 'Shipsides and Beggs Projects'.
Neal Beggs is responsible for the promotion of English as a spoken language within the School.

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dimanche 14 mai 2017

Biennale de Venise 2017


Venice Biennale Opening Weekend

Pre-FIX | Venice Biennale Opening Weekend | 14.05.17
Keef Winter | Shipsides & Beggs Projects

PRE-FIX, the illegitimate seed/spore/pre cum of this year’s instalment of possibly Europe’s longest running performance and live art biennial FIX, laps the honeyed banks of Italy’s Adriatic Queen.

Officially the unofficial representation for Northern Ireland in Venice. PRE-FIX is not a collateral event but we will bring a flag, our shoestring and a rental drum kit. Imagine a bit-piece, post-openings carousel orgy of soul purification, where the languid beauty of serra lawn is caressed by the savage melodies of a distant shore. *pavilion not included*

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