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lundi 27 février 2017
vendredi 24 mars 2017
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Atelier résine

avec Tang Ying

Didier Mencoboni

The workshop will last 4 weeks at a rhythm of 3 days every weeks, and the rest of time is free to students to work in classroom. So the teaching-day totally are 12 days, which is a very short time to complete an art work withlacquer, so the theoretical course will be short, and then give more time to students to feel lacquer material.

Theoretical course
day 1 :
The course of lecture will take place the firstday(the exactly time can be adjust ),the subject is :Lacquer .I will introduceabout the lacquer :1.8000 years of lacquer history in china and its development; do Chinese people use lacquer make all kinds of lacquer art ;
3.the present situation about the lacquer art in the world .And another theoretical course will teaching the characters aboutlacquer material.

Creative process/production of the arts works day 3 to 12. The rest of the workshop will be devoted to the material experimentation which starts atthe very beginning by the choice of the materials and the techniques totransform it. Every steps of the production of the artworks must be a creation act and every steps must be open to the improvisation weakening logical thinking emphasize the present feeling and all the art works must bealways in tension between construction / destruction/ restructure.

The school will provide lacquer materials and also provide for each students two panels of ply wood with pine wood structure in the back the sizeof these panels is 20x20cm. So the students will have to produce at least 4 artworks, 2 from the ply wood panels, 2 other artworks will be provide by thestudents, this choice will happen the second day in workshop. This material choice is very important , it can be for example:old wood, stone, leather, bamboo, paper, copper, iron, bronze, mother ofpearl, fabric... The students will have to provide their own tools such as : spatula, brush, glass panel...

Natural lacquer usually makes 80% person skin sensibility, especially people first time touch it. It will make the skin red and very itch. After 7-10 days, the symptoms will disappear. At the beginning of the course I will tell studentsthis character of lacquer. I need them know that and agree I use natural lacquer teaching and sign agreement on paper. But if they don’t agree, I will only teach them with chemical lacquer, it doesn’t sensibility but will lost manyeffect. (the traditional lacquer art forms in china are only use natural lacquer, so it’s a very important material) the choice of the students will decision my teaching.


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